Max Kidd

Not only is Maxx Kidd a living legend, he is a bridge who links the soul music of the 60s to the go-go and hip hop sounds of today. As a young man in West Virginia, Maxx was inspired to start a career in music after meeting Nat "King" Cole in the night club his father owned. He soon acquired a job at a local drive-in restaurant as a Calypso singer, and except for a brief stint in the Army, he has worked in the music industry ever since.

B Maxx arrived in Washington, D.C. in 1960, and quickly earned a reputation as a devoted, professional musical talent. He caught the attention of Curtis Mayfield, who was then heading his record company, Curtom Records. At Curtom, Maxx began to produce recordings by artists such as Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, and the Stridelles. Some of the hits that feature Maxx's trademark sound are "Teacher to Preacher", by Gene Chandler, "I Like Candy", by the Stridelles, "I Need Money" and "Blow Your Whistle" by Chuck Brown.

In the late 1970's, Maxx helped to pioneer a brand new sound that became known as "Go-Go" music. Working with bands such as Trouble Funk, EU, and Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, Maxx Kidd's production technique became legendary. A movie titled "Good to Go" told the story of Maxx's contributions to the evolution of this highly charged new music. At the same time, Maxx was starting his own record company, Tedd Records. He was also a founder of the Black Music Association (BMA).

As an independent promoter and marketer, Maxx Kidd's list of clients includes the O'Jays, Lou Rawls, Van McCoy, Johnny Taylor, the Temptations, Kerry Lucas and Shalimar. He has worked with nearly every major record label, including Columbia, Motown, MCA and Polygram.

Maxx's achievements in his field have been recognized by the Mayor Sharon Pratt-Kelly of Washington D.C, who placed him on her Task Force for Entertainment, which helps to promote the city as a place where national acts and companies will find an eager audience. Maxx has also led seminars at Howard University, the University of D.C, American University, and the city's public schools. He has already won awards from Jack the Rapper, the Black Music Association and Black Radio Exclusive (BRE). We are very honored to present him with our tribute to his achievements.

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