Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson, noted media personality, began his career in radio broadcasting where he became interested in the record industry. He continually welcomed the opportunity to introduce other young people to the radio and record industries and helped to launch the careers of individuals such as Curtis Anderson, Don Brooks, Mary Clayburn and Keith Newman.

During his career, he was associated with WOOK, WUST and WWIN radio stations in Washington, D.C. and was able to increase their audiences through his steadfast commitment to listeners and their ever-changing tastes. Mr. Jefferson left WWIN Radio to start "Al & The Kidd Promotions", an independent record promotion company. He worked closely with the giants of the record industry as he continued to encourage the growing popularity of all types of music and musicians.

In 1985, a proclamation was issued by the mayor of the District of Columbia, Marion Barry, declaring July 19, 1985, "Al Jefferson Appreciation Day", saluting Mr. Jefferson for his contributions to the music world. In 1985, Mr. Jefferson was also honored by his peers in the record industry and issued a resolution by The City Council of Baltimore in recognition of his "35 Years of Dedicated Service in the Field of Radio Broadcasting".

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